Rob Ager the ‘Orrible is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

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Rob Ager is a film analysist of some little renown on the internet. Everybodyto their own, but personally I find his material not particularly well written, it’s verbose and frankly quite boring and unedifying. One of the problems is that Rob sees conspiracy – and not a little sex – in everything……..
In conclusion: I’ve spent a bit of time investigating Mr Ager for a number of reasons (a) the weirdness of posting ‘bondage’ films on children’s website (something he has never addressed) (b) his unbridled attacks on organisations (c) his lack of legal knowledge and the inarticulacy of his rantings (d) his complete lack of conscience about the potential damage he might do to businesses and honest people.
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How the Smiths are allowed to Kane the citizens

Long ago and far away there was Citizen Kane and there was Citizen Smith.
Kane was a ruthless newspaper baron while Smith was a rebel without apause.
Cinema screens in the 40s were blistered by Orson Wells’ tale of a newsmagnate whose empire of hot metal and wet ink turned on him and revealed his dirty little secrets to the world.
On the other hand Citizen Smith was a cheap 1970s TV character in Doc Martins and cut-off jeans, a brainless comedy character who constantly tilted at windmills just because they were there.
And now these two stereo-typical characters are back, slugging it out on the world-wide web. Smith represents the new breed of citizen journalist while Kane isthe monolithic giant trying to save a collapsing industry by launching paid-for news websites.
Some see this battle for control of news delivery as a romantic David andGoliath do-or-die battle. But in reality it could turn into the destruction of the twothings we should hold above everything else, freedom of speech and truth.
Citizen journalism is the biggest virus ever to hit cyberspace and if itcontinues to spread like the wildfire it is, it will ultimately incinerate the quiveringFourth Estate.
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Hello world the Tabloid Investigator starts with a BANG!


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